He is hiding from the world and himself.


Revelation hobbles around with surprising agility, despite his cloven left foot. He is slight of frame, his arms are spindly and his shoulders and waist narrow. His head is often cocked to the one side on his slender neck, perhaps due to the weight of the onyx ram’s horns jutting from his skull. A thin face, dusky grey skin with a five o’clock shadow of blood red whiskers framed by cascading dark red hair with a shock of white running through it. There is a na├»ve look in those solid violet eyes; he looks young and his smile can lift your heart but then he remembers who he is and that fearful mask resettles and you just want to tell him everything will be ok. And perhaps he shyly smiles again and returns his attention back to that copper coin the rolls across the back of his fingers with well practiced skill.


Pelios was barely entering his teens when his devilish ancestry began to manifest. His misshapen foot had been hidden from a young age, resulting in a limp that the other children had made fun of. When his horns began to grow, his skin and eyes shift and change, the childish teasing became violent abuse that many adults in the community sanctioned.

The bullying came to a head one winter’s day when Pelios lashed out at those beating and laughing at him. Fire erupted from his fingers, engulfing his attackers and severely injuring them. Pelios ran away from his neighbourhood, finally finding sanctuary from the chill night air in a library dedicated to the goddess of lore.

The monks and acolytes within the library took Pelios in, fascinated and enthused with the chance to study a young tiefling and chart the course of his development. In return, Pelios had access to the books in the library where he enjoyed a mostly solitary existence.

In those musty tomes, Pelios searched for answers regarding his strange heritage and the nature of his dangerous abilities which he struggled to control. It was in a fairly non-descript text that he discovered mention of King Silverstone I who had ruled as king of the Mithril Vaults. In a war against a city of Duergar, the dwarves of the Vaults had secured a relic of Asmodeus, who the evil dwarves mistakenly worshipped as a god. This relic, Pelios believed, would simultaneously increase his power and give him a measure of control over his fiendish powers.

It was around this time when one of the monks in the library introduced Pelios (who had taken on the name Revelation) to members of the Pierced Veil faction. Revelation joined the group and after a few missions (and a little convincing) he was allowed to travel to the Silver Spires and join an expedition setting out to reclaim the Mithril Vaults.


Expedition to the Mithril Vaults Darkfool