Dain Ironfist

A near-naked dwarf with oiled skin and a short-trimmed black beard


Delver (Monk progression)

Lv 3: Stonerunner
Message cantrip at will
2 Ki to cast: Locate Object, Enhance Ability (Physical only), Pass without Trace or Spiderclimb

Lv 6: Stone Step
Bonus action to activate Stone Step ability – includes Earth Glide (see Earth Elemental) and Tremorsense (Monster Manual) 10’. The range of the tremorsense increases to 20’ at 11th and 30 ’ at 16th levels.

Lv 11: Eternal Mountain Defence
5 Ki to cast Stoneskin on self

Lv 17: Wave of Rolling Earth
6 Ki to cast Wall of Stone


The Ironfists are an old and respected family from the Stonerunner Clan of Hill Dwarfs. When darkness fell, their forebears’ settled life came to an end and those survivors who became the Clan adapted to a semi-nomadic lifestyle – driven from one bolt-hole to the next by war, disease and monstrous incursions.
Over centuries, the Clan came to rely more and more heavily on its Delvers – rangers and mystics who sought safe passage through the wilderness and underdark to allow their families to avoid the worst of the dark ages.
The Stonerunners dwell above or below ground as necessity dictates – rarely staying more than a season in any one place. With their long lives and varied experience, they are now often sought out by others for their knowledge of the hidden ways and paths.
Dain is a Delver from a long line line of Delvers – his great-great-great-grandmother Daina having been the first to master the strange disciplines that allow the Delvers to outrun wolves, outclimb spiders and harden their bodies to strike like iron.

Dain Ironfist

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